REPORT: Missing Pensacola woman found dead in cargo trailer


A Pensacola woman who went missing six months ago has been found dead.

"Our detectives worked, they put in a lot of hours around the clock and it paid off, but unfortunately it was a bad situation at the end," said Pensacola Police Department Spokesperson Mike Wood.

According to Pensacola Police Department (PPD), Cassandra Robinson was found inside a cargo trailer near the area of Fairfield Drive and 65th on Wednesday, July 12th, at approximately 8 p.m. in a vacant lot.

Neighbors said they saw the white trailer in the lot months, but didn't notice anything suspicious.

The trailer is now in police custody as they comb it for evidence.

Robinson went missing February 1, 2018 and she was reported missing by her family in early June, PPD news release stated.

The police department states they have "developed" a suspect in the case and they "believe this to be an isolated incident".

Woods said the suspect and the victim knew each other, but police wouldn't identify the suspect.

"The suspect is currently incarcerated so there is no danger to the public. Right now we believe this is an isolated incident. He's incarcerated on aother charges," Woods said.

A spokesman from the police department would not elaborate on how she died.

"Robinson’s body has been transported to the Medical Examiner’s Office at Sacred Heart Hospital for an autopsy" they stated.

It's also unclear how long her body was in the trailer.

"I'm not aware about the condition of her body, but I can say she had been there some time," Wood said.

Authorities are still looking for an active crime scene.

Police believe Robinson was killed somewhere else, then taken to the lot.

On July 3rd, Stephen Williams, 39, was arrested for impersonating a PPD officer, a report states.

According to the arrest report, he told people he was a Pensacola Police Department detective investigating the missing person’s case involving Cassandra Robinson.

"The information we got was that he was in the area of Pensacola Village apartments. He approached some people over there identifying himself as the lead investigator on the Cassandra Robinson case. And they asked for a badge and ID and he said he doesn't have to show it," said Officer Mike Wood back on July 3rd to Channel 3 News.

The investigation is ongoing.

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