Report: Navarre student threatens to drag classmates to Hell in Instagram rant

Photo source: MGN

A school campus is on high alert after a threatening rant surfaced last week on social media.

A student's Instagram post threatened to take other students "to hell with me." The student also called out what they described as the various cliques in the high school for making them feel isolated.

An automated call from the principal of Navarre High School told parents what was going on and alerted them that more security measures were put in place.

The Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office (SRCSO) says there is no threat to the public, but the student could face charges.

"Well there is always a potential for charges because it is a crime to make threats in a school area, but that's going to be up to the state attorney's office," said SRCSO Deputy Rich Aloy.

According to an email the school district sent out, the student who made the threat is no longer at the school.

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