Florida woman accused of attacking kid for using 'her cup,' smeared dog feces on herself

PHOTO: Escambia County Jail View

A Pensacola woman is currently in jail for cruelty towards a child and smearing dog feces all over her body, a report states.

Kristina Pitcher is being held without bond, according to the Escambia County Jail View, on one count of cruelty towards a child/child abuse without great bodily harm.

According to the report, a child came home from his first day of school and walked into the kitchen to get something to drink.

The boy grabbed a cup “that only she (Pitcher) used” which infuriated her. She began screaming at the child from the living room and tossed a cup at him, the report states.

According to the report, the boy went into his room and grabbed a knife, which was also referred to as a “sword” in the report, and returned to the living room where the incident occurred.

The boy then put the knife/sword up in his room and returned with the woman’s phone, according to the report.

She became irate and slapped the child's face, the report states.

It also revealed the woman was upset with her husband for not ‘beating’ the boy for using her cup and her phone.

According to the report, the screaming persisted and she threw items all over the living room, got undressed and smeared dog feces onto her body.

She was quickly arrested and no bond was given per Florida State Statue for domestic violence for child abuse.

She is expected to appear in court September 6th.

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