Report: Woman escapes Uber driver by jumping out of car; driver charged with kidnapping

Source: Tallahassee Police Department

An Uber driver is arrested on two counts of kidnapping at the state capitol.

According to an arrest report, Destiny Green held one of her passengers against her will and she had jumped out to escape.

On Wednesday, Brooke Adkins used the Uber mobile application to call for a ride.

According to the report, Adkins asked Green to drop her off at the Edge Apartments located in the 700 block of West Madison Street.

When Green was near the apartments, she asked Adkins if she could ride around the block to finish listening to a song and Adkins agreed, the report states.

Florida State University (FSU) Police Department stopped Green.

According to the report, Green asked Adkins to place “her hand on the center console and hold it down” so she did.

Once the FSU officer allowed Green to pull off, Adkins asked to be taken to the apartment but Green said she was taking Adkins to the hospital instead, the report states.

Adkins Facetimed her friend and asked for Green to let her out at several stop lights but she refused, the report states. She also took Snapchat video of Green and used it to later show police, the report states.

Adkins managed to get a window down and jumped out, according a report.

Police used the Uber application to confirm who the driver was.

Green was arrested on two counts of kidnapping.

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