Residents on high alert after man shot, killed during drug deal outside apartment complex

Photo: Apartment complex in West Pensacola where drug-related shooting took place Source: WEAR Jamarlo Phillips via Twitter

Escambia County Sheriff deputies continue to investigate a drug-related homicide in West Pensacola.

Deputies said they found a man's body in the 4600 block of West Jackson Street near 51st Street around 4:30 Friday afternoon.

Now, one man who lives nearby says solutions are needed before more lives are lost.

As detectives looked for clues, residents who live nearby where the shooting happened are still trying to come to grips with such a violent crime that happened close to their home.

"The sad part about it is that when you walk outside our door now, immediately when I look to the left it is where that guy was at," said Jason Peltier, pointing to a bush a few feet away from his front door where he found a man shot to death.

Escambia County Sheriff deputies say the man who died was killed during a drug deal outside.

Peltier says he was disturbed by the discovery because the neighborhood is usually quiet.

"It's kind of creepy man, the biggest thing that worries me is that there were four kids out here playing maybe ten minutes prior to this happening," Peltier added.

Peltier took a picture of a gun nearby where the man was lying moments before investigators arrived on scene.

Now, Peltier and other residents are concerned about their safety.

"I guess the one thing around here is a little more safety- maybe fixing fences and stuff to keep the homeless from rolling through or whatever it may be- but this may have been unavoidable," Peltier added.

The Sheriff's office has not released the deceased man's identity but they did confirm it’s a drug-related homicide.

Peltier says because of the shooting, he and his wife are planning to pack up and move to another neighborhood.

"There is [sic] definitely faces you don't see every day that come through," Peltier said.

As of now, the sheriff's office isn't releasing much information about the case.

In the meantime, people who live in West Pensacola can only hope a violent crime like this doesn't happen again.

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