Rock on! Pensacola punk rock museum in the works

Rock on! Pensacola punk rock museum in the works

Pensacola is full of history, but sometimes that history can get overlooked or forgotten. One local professor is working proactively to keep a specific era alive with the creation of a new museum.

309 6th Avenue may not look much different from the other houses on the street, but it has historic ties to an era many might not know too much about: punk rock.

The house was built more than 100 years ago and since the early 1990s it's been lived in exclusively by members in the punk rock community. Punk rock enthusiast and University of West Florida professor Scott Satterwhite, said Pensacola plays a major role in punk history.

"It's been here since the late 1970s and from the late 1970s it was strong into the 1980s, it was strong in the 1990s. Certain clubs popped up, Sluggo's being one of the big ones, The Handlebar down the street, there are a number of other smaller places that opened up too that kept it going," said Scott. "To a large extent, it's really a story of tenacity. People just not giving up and people staying really dedicated to their artistic communities."

From artists to photographers to musicians, Scott said the house has been visited and lived in by many people famous in the punk world. Now, he's hoping to showcase that history by turning the house into a museum: The 309 Punk Museum Project.

"Nobody has really ever dedicated this much time and energy as we're going to dedicate to preserving the counter-culture here in Pensacola," said Scott. "I promise you, the counter-culture here has been alive for a long time and it's still alive, just as vibrant as it was then and just as big."

The museum would serve as a place for punk history to be preserved as well as a place for current artists to show their work - whether in rotating art exhibits, film showings or discussions. Scott believes this would be the first museum in the united states dedicated to the punk rock era.

Phase one of the 309 Punk Museum Project is expected to take one year and $150,000 to complete. Scott hopes to have the museum up and running within the next two years.

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