Round table Wrap: “Bridging The Gap" between police and the community

Channel 3's anchors Bob Solarski and Sue Straughn moderated Thursday's event.

WEAR ABC 3 hosted a live round table discussion on bridging the gap between the community and police here in northwest Florida.

Pensacola Police Chief David Alexander, Fort Walton Beach Police Chief Edward Ryan, ACLU Regional Organizer, Keyontay Humphries and attorney Aaron Watson discussed multiple ways the public and law enforcement can work together to ease their strained relationship.

For an hour they tackled questions from viewers and our anchors, Bob Solarski and Sue Straughn.

We asked you to submit your thoughts for our panelists to hear.

Kimberly van Diepen said, "We always have to respect law enforcement and that needs to be taught in the home. I teach my kids to respect the law and from there they know that if they were to be pulled over they're not bad people they're here to help."

William Smith said, "I think we need more law enforcement to take care of all this crime that's going on. You turn on the TV or pick up the paper every morning and you hear about shootings, knifings, killing somewhere in this town. Something has to be done."

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