Roy Moore refuses to concede


MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WPMI) - Roy Moore is refusing to concede the race.

The Moore campaign suggests there could be a recount of the votes.

The secretary of state was forced to explain the recount process after the Moore campaign raised the possibility, saying it's too early to call because votes are still coming in. There are still provisional and military ballots that have not been processed. That will happen by next Friday, though it's not clear how many there are.

The write-in candidates' 20,000 ballots will also be processed by then, but that's not likely to help Moore. The secretary of state says, right now, there's a little more than a 1-point spread between the candidates. An automatic recount, paid for by taxpayers, doesn't kick in unless there's just a half-point difference.

"No, it's not triggered yet based on the numbers that were introduced into the spread between the two candidates today. That may actually occur once all of the certification takes place," said John Merrill.

If the point spread is higher than half of a percentage, Moore could request a recount, but he'd be on the hook for it. It wouldn't happen until after all the votes are certified, no earlier than Dec. 26 and no later than Jan. 3.

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