Roy Moore will rally in Fairhope Tuesday for Senate seat

Photo source: MGN

The senate race is coming to an end in Alabama. All eyes will be on Fairhope, Tuesday as candidate Roy Moore comes to town.

Channel 3's Lauren Wolfe caught up with voters who already have their minds made up.

"The other guy is so bad, we've got to put Roy in,” said Ron Meszaros, one voter.

"I’m a Democrat, so I'll vote Democrat, plus I wouldn't vote for him if I were a republican,” said Jim Walther, another voter.

Time is running out for senate candidates Roy Moore and Doug Jones. But even with recent allegations against Moore, saying he had sexual relations with more than one minor, some voters still want him and won't be voting for Jones.

"Jones is a bad egg. He's got a bad history, his commercials are filled with lies,” said Meszaros.

"I don't like national media, I don't like Washington D.C., and I don't like Hollywood entertainment business and they're all behind Doug Jones, so I don't have a choice,” said Jerry Nuber, another voter.

On the other side, some Alabama residents will not be supporting Moore with reasons that have nothing to do with the allegations.

One voter, Angela Morgan said, "I would have never voted for him to begin with. I'm not particularly proud of someone representing us who has been removed from office twice representing us in the state."

Whoever wins the race, citizens hope it's the right choice.

“Now if we prove Roy is not a good guy, we'll toss him out and we'll let our governor Mrs. Ivey, put somebody else in, who will be just as good,” said Meszaros.

Alabama residents will cast their vote on December 12th.

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