Salary limited for District One Medical Examiner

Salary limited for District One Medical Examiner . (Source: WEAR-TV)

Escambia County Commissioners agreed on Thursday morning to cap the fees paid to the District One Medical Examiner.

The four counties in District one have all agreed to limit the professional fees paid to Dr. Andrea Minyard and an associate at $450,000 a year.

Last week, Dr. Minyard told the counties that she was closing up her offices after a long battle over her pay.

Dr. Minyard has agreed to a sixty day extension of her current contract, which pays $824,000 a year.

The State's Medical Examiners Commission will make a decision on November 9th on whether to reappoint minyard, and then send a recommendation to the governor.

According to the report, the sheriffs in the district oppose the reappointment of Minyard.

However, the state attorney is among those supporting Dr, Minyard.

the Escambia county attorney cautioned commissioners today that if Minyard leaves, replacing her will not be easy.

Allison Rogers, County Attorney, said "There is a fairly lengthy process to do that. It sounds like it's something similar to appointing a judge."

If Minyard vacates her position, a medical examiner from outside the area would handle the cases.

Dr. Minyard sent Channel 3 news information showing a growing case load .

However Minyard she has declined to comment on the actions of commissioners.

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