Santa Rosa County moves forward with distribution center incentives deal

(Source: WEAR-TV)

Santa Rosa County will be asking Triumph Gulf Coast for support with an incentives deal to draw in a large distribution center to the region.

During Monday’s meeting, County Commissioners approved a measure directing staff to submit a proposal to Triumph Gulf Coast to pay $3.5 million to cover the incoming company’s property taxes for 10 years.

That is the deal being offered to the whole-sale food distribution center, no property taxes for 10 years, the initiative is under the code-name “Project Runner” and the County will not even release the name of the Company it’s trying to win over.

"I don't even know, We try to keep that economic development under a code name just for that purpose. Businesses come into your area they don't want competition and [people to] know what they're doing and we frankly don't want other counties to know what they're doing,” County Commissioner Bob Cole said.

The new business would be in Bob Cole's district, at the Northwest Florida Industrial Park on Highway 87 near Interstate 10.

It is projected to bring in upwards of 400 jobs to the area, with an average salary of $46,000 per year.

“All the jobs we can attract to the county are beneficial to the residents as they grow up here and not having to move out of the area to find work,” Cole explained.

Cole said the county expects the proposal to go before the Triumph Gulf Coast board within two to three weeks.

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