Santa Rosa County School District works to increase student and staff safety

    Santa Rosa County School District works to increase student and staff safety

    New safety tools are coming to Santa Rosa County public schools.

    There's a new protocol in place at King Middle School in Milton. The door to the front office is now locked and equipped with a security system.

    Before a visitor enters the school, they have to explain to staff why they are there through a speaker. They also have to show identification to the camera.

    Director of Security Daniel Hahn said soon this system will be in all Santa Rosa County public schools.

    "Anybody can walk through, or used to be able to walk, in this door without us knowing who they are. Then they're challenged or checked. We thought another layer of security would be having this in place," Hahn said.

    As we watch tragedies unfold in schools around the United States, Hahn says it's important to be proactive.

    "Some of the recommendations that came from the Stoneman Douglas report last month was having single point access. We wanted to get a jump on it and start early," he said.

    Grandmother Clara Porter has grandchildren who attend King Middle School.

    "With everything going on, nowadays, it's a good thing," Porter said.

    It costs the school district up to $7,500 to install the system in each school.

    "A one-time investment that will work for years and years keeping schools safe," Hahn said.

    Porter also thinks the investment is well worth it.

    "I love it, I feel safe with my grandkids coming here," she said.

    Hahn said there has been very little push-back about the new security measure. This increased security comes soon after the district decided to place a law enforcement officer in every public school. That measure started this school year.

    “We never want to fight the last war. If we can get ahead of it and prevent it, it would be worth it," he said,

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