School zone safety: Slow down, pay attention

School zone safety: Slow down, pay attention

Slow down in school zones.

Fines and fees are bad, but the worst case scenario: you hit a child.

Laws and regulations are in place for a reason.

Officer Mike Wood from the Pensacola Police Department says now that school is back in session, drivers need to pay extra attention.

If you are caught speeding in a school zone, fines can be steep.

"Here on Langley Avenue the speed limit is 30 mph, once it becomes and active school zone, it drops down to 20," said Officer Wood. "At that point, it's going to cost you about $311."

Officers aren't just looking for drivers speeding in school zones, they're also looking for distracted drivers.

"When people multi-task, that can be a good thing, just not in a motor vehicle," said Officer Wood. "We ask people to put the phone down, turn the music down and pay attention to what they're doing to keep everyone safe."

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