Second shooting in less than week leaves Myrtle Grove residents in fear

Second shooting in less than week leaves Myrtle Grove residents in fear

Escambia County Sheriff deputies are searching for the suspect and a motive in a shooting that injured a man in the Myrtle Grove area Saturday morning.

A sheriff’s deputy spokesperson said the victim is 21-year-old Darmichael Vershawn Turner.

This is the second shooting in less than a week after a man was shot to death less than a mile away.

Although we don't know the young man's condition, people who live where it happened say they're on edge, especially since a shooting similar to this one happened less than a week ago.

To an outsider, this neighborhood might seem far from a crime scene, but lately, people who live there say flashing lights and crime scene tape are becoming an all too familiar sight.

"Nervous, scared, worried makes you think about moving. Something is connected somehow or another," said Mary Mauldin.

After 5 a.m. Saturday, sheriff deputies were called to the 500 block of Forest Park Drive where they found Turner shot multiple times.

"They are very nice people. They're just trying to give their grandkids a place to stay and all that," Mauldin said.

Mauldin has lived along Forest Park Drive for three years. She lives across the street from the home where the man was found.

"It never used to be like this, that's why he's got that board up in case they shoot," added Mauldin.

Mauldin said the area having a lot of foot traffic, coupled with another shooting happening so close, has raised some safety concern for her family.

"I was out here about, not even an hour before it happened, smoking a cigarette because I can't smoke inside the house...and I was thinking, what if they see me sitting out here and said there is a witness lets shoot at her. It's getting a little bit too close," Mauldin explained.

No arrests have been made in the case.There are still no answers about what happened and why. We contacted the Escambia County Sheriff's Office for an update and was told deputies are looking for 28-year-old Barry "B" Locklear III.

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