Seniors celebrate Christmas with help from a local agency

WEAR - Christmas Celebration

The joyful sound of Christmas songs filled the dining hall at Westwood Homes.

Folks 60 years and older gather here all year round, but it's especially meaningful this time of year.

"That's what Council on Aging does, that's what these senior dining sites do - they bring people from different parts of life together who have a shared experience-- they're growing old together," said Josh Newby, coordinator with Council on Aging.

Newby helps put this celebration together. The agency also provides presents for seniors for Christmas because these folks might not have family in the area to help and Newby says most of their friends have passed away, but the joy on their faces when they see a volunteer hand them a present…is something special.

Newby said, "They're not wanting TVs-- they don't want the latest frivolous technology. Their wish lists are very often blankets, craft supplies, maybe a new vacuum or a new microwave, but it's what you and I would consider a necessity in life."

Life it happens fast, and during this Christmas party-- a special moment captivated everyone in the room. One of the folks at the dining hall asked his girlfriend to marry him.

The couple met a year ago and at this very dining hall. Now they're about to start their lives together just in time for Christmas.

"They're experiencing love, loss, the good, and the bad of life... We see so many friendships and life -long relationships begin at these sites and it's really great," said Newby.

Folks can make a donation at the Council of Aging location at 875 Royce St. in Pensacola.

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