Serial killer's accomplice writes 'I guess I'm famous now'

Serial killer's accomplice writes 'I guess I'm famous now'

Jail letters from a woman awaiting trial for her alleged part in four murders have been released. The letters are written and received by Mary Rice.

Prosecutors say she was a willing participant in the murders attributed to William "Billy" Boyette. He took his life last February as law enforcement cornered the pair in Georgia.

The letters are written to and from family, friends, love interests and fellow inmates. Copies of many of the letters are nearly illegible and hard to read, but we were able to discern from them that Rice feels confident that she will be exonerated.

She said she talks to her children three to four times a week and "she will be home this year." In one letter, she even writes, "I guess I'm famous now".

Rice will be back in court in late May. Her trial is expected later this year.

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