SHERIFF: Santa Rosa woman found slumped over in car, child in backseat

(Source: Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office/ Photo: Brittney Merritt)

A Santa Rosa woman was found slumped over in a running car with a small child in the backseat.

Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s office (SRCSO) responded to 2665 Avalon Boulevard after receiving a call stating a woman was slumped over pulling at her hair, eyelashes and unable to keep her head up in a vehicle.

The report states incident occurred on Thursday around 9:30 Milton.

Upon arrival deputies found 33-year-old Brittney Kay Merritt slumped over and passed out with the car running, says the report.

According to SRCSO, deputies found a 8-month-old who was asleep in the backseat of the car.

When the deputy knocked on the window, Merritt responded and was asked to step out of the vehicle, says the report.

While Merritt was exiting the car, the report states two used syringes were in plain view of the driver seat.

The deputy detained Merritt and while searching her found a glass pipe in her back-right pocket, says the report.

The arrest report revealed inside of Merritt’s purse was a wallet with a used syringe and a clear plastic bag containing a white crystal-like substance, which was later identified as methamphetamine.

During the search, SRCSO discovered in the driver side door a closed case that contained a plastic spoon and straw believed to be used to ingest illegal narcotics where the child was located, says the report.

Merritt was arrested for possession of a control substance without a prescription, possession of drug paraphernalia and child neglect for a total bond of $11,000.

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