Six Habitat homes to be built in Crestview

Six Habitat homes to be built in Crestview

Habitat for Humanity is renowned for its mission of giving hard-working people a hand-up into home ownership.

An entire Habitat neighborhood is about to break ground.

You've seen the inspirational stories of volunteers and future homeowners working side by side - transforming communities one home at a time.

Usually, it's a lot here or there - where a new Habitat home becomes part of an existing neighborhood.

This year in Crestview, a new subdivision of Habitat homes is about to take shape. It'll start with this vacant property off of Pearl Street.

"Before we can build homes here, we have to build a road and the infrastructure, and so what that means to us is we need to raise funds," explained Melissa Forte with Habitat for Humanity.

Initial plans call for six home to be built.

"This is the greatest endeavor that we've undertaken in Okaloosa County," Forte said. "We are so grateful for the opportunity to have this land that was donated to us."

Habitat has had no shortage of able-bodied volunteers for their other on-going builds in Okaloosa County thanks to members of the military pitching in.

"Out of the kindness of my heart. I like to see the smiling faces after we get finished with the house," said Habitat Volunteer Airman Antonio Samuels.

The project will cost about $300,000 - so donations are crucial, but what you'll get back could be priceless.

Click here if you'd like to donate or volunteer for this project.

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