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SkyBell catches suspected burglars on camera in Fort Walton

Video captured by SkyBell. Family says this man broke down their door in Fort Walton Beach. (VIDEO: FAMILY)

A Fort Walton Beach neighborhood is turning to social media to catch two suspected burglars.

The people we spoke to did not want to be identified but they tell us what happened at their homes.

According to the neighbors, a maroon SUV pulled up in a neighborhood off Green Acres Road in Fort Walton Beach on July 3rd trying to break-in.

According to one neighbor, the men noticed the cameras and walked to another home.

According to one homeowner, they arrived at their home around 10:40 a.m. and were caught on camera and didn’t know it.

The hidden device, a SkyBell, was given to them as a Christmas gift.

According to the homeowner, a man in a red shirt rang the doorbell and realized on one was home.

He then can be seen on video looking inside the home and then wiping off the areas of the door he touched, they said.

Next, the same man began to use his back and buttocks to push the door open and that’s when a second man runs up and states “someone is coming”, they said.

The two men can be seen leaving.

A police report has been filed.

If you know these men, call Fort Walton Police Department immediately.

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