Some people plan to ride out the storm on Navarre Beach

Some people plan to ride out the storm on Navarre Beach. (WEAR-TV)

There’s an evacuation for Navarre Beach.

Some people who live there have boarded up their homes and plan to leave, while others are going to ride out the storm.

There were double red flags waving on Navarre Beach.

Residents said a big concern is the possibility of storm surge that could come through their neighborhood.

"It's too darn close you know one little bit of a turn and we could be in the mix of it,” said Kelly Guttridge.

She said she has put up her hurricane shutters and her husband has stuffed sand bags.

"Lately what we've been doing is pulling everything out from the bottom. Putting chairs away and putting the storm shutters up. And blah,” said Guttridge.

She said she plans to leave the island and head to Alabama.

"It's our first attempt at what's going to really happen so we didn't want to take a chance,” Guttridge.

While Debbie Lanham said she is staying put in her Navarre Beach home.

"Because of our cat, we're staying because if we left we've already tried to get the cat and if we left... psycho... and if we left we'd have to leave the cat and there's just no way,” said Lanham.

She said that because of where she lives, she’s still worried about the potential flooding.

"My concerns right now is the flooding because it's about 2 blocks that way is the sound and also taking all the stuff and finding a place inside to put up all the stuff that we have outside,” said Lanham.

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