Santa Rosa County deputy arrested, list of charges including child pornography

Santa Rosa County deputy arrested, list of charges including child pornography

A Santa Rosa County deputy sheriff has been arrested on a list of charges, including aggravated assault, domestic violence and several child pornography charges.

According to the arrest report, on December 14 Jeffery Perkins became suicidal after several officers from his administration at Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office (SRCSO) arrived at his house and placed him on administrative leave.

When Perkins' wife came home from work she observed him intoxicated with him stating he was "going to prison for thirty years," according to the report.

Perkins got a handgun and started threatening to kill himself and his wife if she didn't go inside, turning it twice on her, the report revealed.

According to the report, his wife called a lieutenant and advised that Perkins be Baker Acted. The report revealed that Perkins was Baker Acted after units responded from the SRCSO.

Officers confirmed Perkins was safely taken into protective custody, according the report.

On December 15, Lieutenant Roman Jackson advised Major Doug Bringmans contacted Perkins in reference to him being placed on administrative leave, the report said.

Lt. Jackson claimed he was going to assist with finding placement for Jeffery's agency K-9, according to the report.

Perkins asked Lt. Jackson for information on his administrative leave, however Lt. Jackson could not provide him with any other information, the report stated.

An unknown person called Lt. Jackson and advised him that Perkins was suicidal and had taken a small gun outside and wanted to tell his son goodbye, according to the report.

SRCSO responded to Perkins' residence.

Lt. Jackson, according to the report, called Perkins and allegedly said "if you make one more step off the porch I will blow your head off," in reference to shooting his wife.

Perkins then claimed "he did it," talking about what he thought he was being investigated by FDLE for, stating he had never touched a kid or anything, the report revealed.

Lt. Jackson kept urging Perkins to not kill his wife, according to the report.

According to Sheriff Bob Johnson, former deputy Perkins is in the process of being terminated.

Authorities obtained Perkins' phone and found more than a half-dozen photos of child pornography, the report adds.

Perkins' first appearance will be at 1:30 p.m. on December 18 in Escambia County.

From there he will be brought to Santa Rosa County and have a first appearance there, and then he will be housed at another facility.

Perkins was a sergeant in Navarre. He had been there since 2009 and it was his first place he worked as a law enforcement officer.

Channel 3 will have a crew at his first appearance at 1:30 p.m.

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