Students, families staying at Daphne church following deadly bus crash

Students, families staying at Daphne church following deadly bus crash

Students who were not injured in the Interstate 10 bus crash in Baldwin County on Tuesday were taken to a church in Daphne where they could wait for their parents to pick them up.

Channel 3's Lauren Wolfe caught up with one Texas mother at the Coast Church in Daphne. She said she received a phone call from her daughter on the bus.

"Well my daughter called and said 'mom we've been in a wreck' and I just thought she was joking with me," said mother Sonia Torres.

Sonia had two children on the trip who were separated after the crash.

"One of the children went to Thomas, another one went to Sacred Heart. She came here got everything settled with him here - went to Sacred Heart," said Pastor Chad Stafford.

Red Cross volunteers told Channel 3 News they are prepared to house students and their family members for as long as they need.

"We're stressing our mental health counselors and our pet therapy dogs making sure they've got plenty to eat," said Executive Director of South Alabama Red Cross Mike Brown.

Stafford told Channel 3 News they are working to keep the students at ease by not focusing on the crash.

"I think it's our role right now to just make them feel normal kinda get their minds on just being a kid again," Stafford said.

Volunteers said the students are getting plenty of rest on cots and bedding that were donated by the Red Cross.

They are expecting more family members to arrive at the church.

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