Surveillance video found: Wild Greg's Saloon to turn over lost footage


Wild Greg's Saloon on Palafox is at the center of several investigations - all involving some type of battery or assault.

Now, Channel 3 News has obtained new information about an incident last year.

This incident happened on July 14, when a man who went to the bar as a designated driver, was found unconscious outside the bar, with severe injuries to his face.

"These are injuries that are not the result of a fall," said Assistant State Attorney, John Molchan.

The investigation hinges on surveillance video captured by cameras inside the bar that night, but there has been a lot of back-and-forth with that video. The State Attorney's Office issued a subpoena, ordering bar employees to turn the video over. When they did not respond to the subpoena, Molchan tells us the State Attorney's Office issued an 'order show cause', requesting bar employees come to court, and explain what's going on.

"It just seems inconceivable that we can't find this," said the judge during the hearing. "Especially when the state gives you a subpoena for it."

Our cameras were rolling as manager, Kurt Just and owner, Greg Urban (who phoned in) told the judge they could not find the thumb drive containing the surveillance footage.

"As God as my witness, I never touched that thumb drive," said just. "It was never in my possession."

However, Molchan says there is now a new development.

"What I have been told from their attorney," said Molchan. "It's to my understanding that the thumb drive is in his possession and they're going to turn it over regarding this particular case and comply with the subpoena."

When, or if the footage is turned over, the State Attorney's Office will review it and give it to the Pensacola Police Department to continue their investigation.

Depending on what is on the video, will determine how the police department will move forward - which could include additional charges.

As for the other incidents, investigators are still working to gather video from those.

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