Survivor asks 'what if' in an emotional Facebook status after nearly dying

Photo: Jim Nevels, his wife Hailey, and their son Source: WEAR Lauren Wolfe / Al Showers

Images of a terrifying scene that happened last week have been circulating recently on Facebook.

"In many years to come my son would have to get to know his father from pictures and short videos, items I left for him..." said James Nevels, of Jay.

James Nevels was on his way to work around 5:40 a.m. on Friday, Dec. 15th, when in the blink of an eye his life nearly ended.

His pickup truck collided with a log truck and the logs pierced his windshield, barely missing him.

Nevels walked away unharmed and he says it's a miracle he's alive.

"Every Christmas season my wife would struggle putting up decorations and if it weren't for my son, she probably wouldn't do it," said Nevels.

The 'what-ifs' crowded his mind after the accident and a few days later he shared them on Facebook.

"This would have been the day they would have buried me," Nevels told Channel 3.

He describes the routine his loved ones would have to live through in the days, months, and years after, if he'd been killed.

Thousands of readers left heartfelt responses.

"I didn't really expect that kind of reaction of it. I mainly made it for my family and close friends," said Nevels.

His wife Hailey describes the moment she read his emotional status.

"I was in the Publix parking lot about to get a last-minute supper and I was forever grateful to be able to get a last-minute supper and not be planning a funeral for my husband. We're still in disbelief. He's still with us," she told Channel 3.

This Christmas their family is celebrating much more than just the holiday.

"Instead of mourning this Christmas season we are praising God for giving us my husband and my son's father. The opportunity to walk through the door again and be with us during Christmas this year. We are grateful and blessed," she said.

James Nevels wants his story to remind others that life can happen fast, so don't take any second for granted.

"In my mind, I didn't deserve it. I didn't deserve that much mercy. But God chose to keep me around. I'm glad he did cause I've got two people that rely on me every day to come home from work," said Nevels.

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