Tall Ships Pensacola preps for possible severe weather

Tall Ships Pensacola preps for possible severe weather

Tall Ship Lynx has sailed all around the world. During trips, the captains and crew have to stay alert at all times for severe weather.

"We sail with a little bit heavier crew in weather like this. We do know that there are conditions coming up that may be questionable for sailing," said Captain Donald Peacock.

Captain Peacock said Lynx is not a stranger to storms.

"During Hurricane Sandy, Lynx went 75 miles up the Hudson River, so when you see something coming by you seek shelter. We go to safe harbor and we just wait it out," he said. "We're staying with the ship, often we're up on deck in a controlled environment. People will be in harnesses and we just deal with safety."

Organizers of the Tall Ships have been in constant communication with Channel 3's First Warning Weather team.

Meteorologist Ashley Ruiz reminds folks that weather can change at any time.

Captains of the Tall Ships said if there's a storm, there's a plan. When it comes to severe weather it's all hands on deck.

"We'll prepare these sails. We do what we call sea stove, so we prepare the ship every night for wind blowing so we'll reduce sail. We'll do sail area by tying everything tight, we'll check our chafe lines, we'll double up on all our lines and we'll ride it out," Captain Peacock said.

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