Teachers scrap for school supplies

Teachers scrap for school supplies

Each year, many teachers spend their hard earned cash on supplies for the classroom. That's why the Warrington Elks lodge gave out a whole lot free supplies for teachers.

It was like you were watching supermarket sweeps, but in this case, it's all school supplies.

"I got Kleenex, pencils, crayons, expo markers which are really expensive, copy paper... I got a bunch of good stuff." said new teacher, Brittney Goldthwaite.

"I got a full set of dry erase markers, we are going to use those all the time." said first year teacher, Emma Moultrie.

The Warrington Elks Lodge donated $2500 worth of supplies. Moultrie is a brand new teacher at Warrington Elementary. She said, "I really didn't have very much. I had to buy everything for my classroom. This is a very big deal, I got all the supplies today."

It helps because teachers often spend hundreds out of their own pockets to get their classrooms ready. Brittney Goldthwaite will be teaching 5th grade. She said, "Supplies get expensive, especially when you have to buy it yourself. I've already spent $600, it's stuff I need and my kids need."

She wasn't going to pass up an opportunity to get more for her students. Warrington Elementary Principal Dave Schmittou said he had to cancel meetings to make sure the teachers could be here. He says their school is unique because they need to have supplies not only for the classroom, but also for the students.

He said "Our kids will show up on day one, without backpacks, some without shoes, let alone school supplies. Our teachers do their best to support each and every kid."

The state gives teachers a $200 debit card, but that usually doesn’t arrive until the end of September. School starts in August.

Goldthwaite said, "I know it stinks, but you do what you can for them. If I have to spend that money to make sure they get what they need."

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