Tech center dedicated in Fort Walton Beach

    Computer image by MGN

    MAG Aerospace dedicated its new facility in Fort Walton Beach on Friday afternoon.

    The Technology Integration and Support Center is a 25,000 square foot facility dedicated to integrating Air Force special warfare systems.

    The company says they expect to create 50 high-wage engineering positions at the facility. Those engineers will be tasked with making different hardware and software products work together.

    Chad Vuyovich, Director of AFSOC Programs for MAG Aerospace, said "In the past, special warfare ground operators would receive equipment directly from a program office that may or may not operate with other program office products or commercial off the shelf equipment. This scenario often results in equipment support and employment issues."

    The tech center is located on Anchors Street in the Fort Walton Beach Commerce and Technology Park.

    The facility is also known as the Col. John T. Carney Center of Excellence.

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