Teen in court after attacking elderly woman : 'She said the Lord's Prayer for 11 hours'

Teen in court after attacking elderly woman : 'She said the Lord's Prayer for 11 hours'

The teen accused of robbing and stabbing an 82-year-old woman in her Pensacola apartment appeared in court on Tuesday.

Tyler Owens, 18, was charged with attempted murder, robbery, and armed home invasion.

Emotions ran high as family members spoke out about what they call a senseless act of violence

"Judge, my mother asked me to tell you this, he looked at her as he walked out of her house and said, 'If you send anyone after me I will kill you,'" said Gail Carmichael.

Gail Carmichael is one of the victim's sons.

"The possibility that this man will leave that county jail will and kill her. She is barely holding on now," said Gail.

He held nothing back in describing what happened to his 82-year-old mother in her home at Arbor Club Apartments.

"She said the Lord's Prayer for 11 hours because she was afraid to go to sleep because she was afraid she wouldn't wake up," Gail added.

Owens didn't speak much during his initial court appearance. He didn't seem to pay attention to what was happening either.

Family members say Carrol Carmichael uses a walker to get around. They say she was sleeping during the time of the attack and now she is scarred for life.

The State Attorney's Office said because of the nature of the crime they are seeking life in prison for him.

"It's a very serious matter because of the age of the victim, the injuries sustained, and the length of time that she had to undergo those injuries without treatment," Carrol's son explained.

Eddins said if Carrol doesn't survive the charges will be upgraded.

"We will seek a grand jury indictment of felony murder and premeditated murder if the lady doesn't succumb to the injuries," Gail added.

Carrol's children describe her as a popular, likable woman who would help anyone.

Owens is in the county jail on a $1 million bond.

The State Attorney's Office said he will be back in court on July 5.

Carrol's son said she has been released from the ICU. She is still recovering in the hospital.

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