The clock is ticking for last-minute holiday shoppers

Image License: MGN Photo: Diariocritico de Venezuela / CC BY 2.0

Time is running out for last-minute holiday shoppers.

Shoppers at Cordova Mall told Channel 3 that there are many reasons for them to wait last minute.

“I waited until the family started sending gift cards and money to buy it. cause like I don't like asking my mom for money to buy a present for her" said Zebriah Green.

Some shoppers are finished with their list.

Janet Fuller told Channel 3 of the gifts on her list, "I got everybody else's but I'm still trying to find something for me."

The hustle and bustle is not for everyone- it can be overwhelming for some folks.

James Fuller said, "She's having fun… I’m being miserable… I just don't care for that much of this crowds.”

Some shoppers explain that waiting last-minute could have its perks because the deals are still at the mall.

"It's going great.. we've shopped at a few stores and had lots of luck,” said Geneva Burrell.

Channel 3 caught up with one man who may or may not have magic in store for his significant other.

"Trying to shop for the girlfriend.." said Paul Welford.

When asked why he waited until the last minute to shop for her present, Welford replied, "It's been a gradual work up to the last present… so today's the last present."

Something other than time is ticking for shoppers this weekend- a little girl's Christmas wish from Santa Claus.

When asked why Adalyn Onady is asking Santa for an alarm clock for Christmas, she told Channel 3, "Because my mom has to wake me up every single morning and her back is hurting so it can help her."

Adalyn also told Channel 3 that she’s settling for a princess Christmas tree ornament for now.

The Cordova Mall is closed on Christmas Day.

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