The winter blast and if snow is possible

The winter blast and if snow is possible

Cold air, cloudy skies, and more rain is forecast for the WEAR-TV area. Some of that rain could mix with some snow on Friday, but it will take a perfect combination of cold air and moisture for it to happen.

The chance for rain turning into snow is better for areas of Alabama and Mississippi. If Northwest Florida receives any winter precipitation, it would be late Friday or Friday night. While it's possible that some rain will mix with snow, it's not likely to be a spectacular event.

Parts of the south away from the coast may end up with a little bit of accumulation but for the most part, the ground will be too warm. Any snow would melt once it falls.

The Wednesday afternoon forecast discussion from the National Weather Service in Mobile said, "East of the I-65 corridor rain mixed with some snow will be possible though very short-lived occurring mostly late Friday afternoon and early Friday evening."

Plan for the cold rainy weather to continue until Friday night. If you do see any flakes of snow falling as the rain moves out, "See It, Shoot It, Send It" by texting 'weartv' to 95577! We'd like to see and share your photos and videos.

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