These self-defense moves could save your life

These self-defense moves could save your life

Nowadays even walking to your car could pose a dangerous situation. Will you be able to defend yourself if need be?

Eddie Wells told Channel 3 that a self-defense technique called Krav Maga could save you from a potentially dangerous situation. It's a self-defense practice based on response. Wells showed Channel 3's Lauren Wolfe simple moves to keep in the back of your mind.

"Okay, so what we're going to do is we're going to put you through a speed and aggression. so remember speed and be aggressive as possible. You're going to do palm - heel strikes and knees and you're going to attack the bag. Michael is the attacker and when he gets close enough you're going to shout to get back and you're going to go right at him. Here we go, as soon as I say 'Attack the bag' I want you to go right at him so here we go - the drill… ready and… attack the bag!" Wells said.

"And that was just one demonstration, but what about a more extreme case?" asked Lauren Wolfe.

Wells said that it is important to get away from your attacker if they have a weapon, such as a knife, and not just stay there in the fight.

"You want to react simultaneously, we train people. We train people to react, like threat - you attack the attack. You come back at him, separate and get out of there as soon as possible… you don't want to get into a knife fight," he explained.

Wells told Channel 3 that their team will pay a visit to anyone's business.

"We have a mobile training team that we will take on the road and we will come to where you work. We'll bring the equipment and you have a training day. We'll come and train you on simple self-defense," said Wells.

Wells can be contacted at (859) 227-0972 and you can find him at Gulf Breeze Aerobics & Fitness at 1147 Gulf Breeze Pkwy.

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