Thousands of people are awaiting president Trump's arrival to Pensacola

Thousands of people are awaiting president Trumps arrival to Pensacola. (Source: WEAR-TV)

The stage is set and thousands of people are awaiting President Trump's arrival to the podium.

This Saturday's venue is packed with many people sporting Trump MAGA hats and other branded items.

This is President's Trump's fourth stop to Pensacola since becoming a presidential candidate and it comes at a crucial time.

Trump is here in Pensacola campaigning for fellow Republicans, to try and keep Florida red, as the election day is just days away.

The president is giving his support to Gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis, whose taking on Andrew Gillum who made a stop in Pensacola last week.

Also, Trump is pushing voters to support Congressman Matt Gaetz and the outgoing Governor Rick Scott.

Currently, Governor Rick Scott is veering for a seat in the senate.

Recent polls show Scott is falling slightly behind veteran Senator incumbent Bill Nelson.

I spoke various people and each have their own reasons for being here.

Some told me that they drove in from out of state because they too wanted to have a say in Florida's election.

Michelle Lovitt says "no matter if you're democrat, independent, Republican, its very important to get out and vote."

Terry Peterson , said “I'm concerned about taxes I own a small business in Fort Walton Beach I work nationally and I'm worried about taxes.”

The venue of the rally, the new St Engineering Hangar at Pensacola International also very much political.

ST Engineering has been bringing hundreds of jobs to the area and it could very likely be one of Trump's talking points here today.

We will continue bringing you team coverage and continue to watch Channel 3 News for when the president takes the stage.

I'll break down what he has to say tonight at 10 p.m.

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