Baldwin County residents on edge after multiple fox attacks

Rabid Fox / Source: Dennis Murphy / CC BY 2.0

People in the Baldwin County area are on high alert after a series of unprovoked fox attacks.

"This is the first time I've ever seen an animal with rabies," said Superintendent of Rock Greek Golf Course Zach Tolleson.

Tolleson was one of those people bitten.

"I had to get a bunch of shots and now I'm on this regime of rabies vaccinations," Tolleson explained.

Tolleson was bitten on the leg while searching for the fox hours after it attacked a golfer and continued to pester others there over the weekend.

"If it would've been bigger it could've probably gotten more into me, but my ankle is big enough to where his mouth couldn't open far to get that far around it," Tolleson added.

Tolleson said he had to fight off the aggressive animal with a golf club.

"Fox came out of the woods and started gnawing at the golf cart tire then it came at me," said Tolleson.

Authorities say the third attack happened in the Spanish Fort Estates subdivision in Spanish Fort just 11 miles away.

A man there was bitten twice while doing yardwork.

Rich Mandrella lives in the area.

"I don't think anybody in this neighborhood doesn't know about the fox," Mandrella said.

Animal control tried to catch that fox, but with no luck.

"We haven't seen the red fox that use to come through here in years," said Mandrella.

Authorities are asking citizens to report any wildlife that is behaving in an unusual manner.

"A fox would have to get through a fence and two walls," added Mandrella.

For Mandrella, he is taking matters into his own hands until the animal is caught.

"I'm going to buy a little couple of pepper sprays for me and my wife, it's not too expensive $4 or $5," explained Mandrella.

Pet owners are encouraged to make sure their pets are up to date on vaccinations and to keep their pets away from areas where wild animals are known to be.

If you see an animal you suspect may be rabid, call Florida Fish and Wildlife.

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