Two men arguing over a woman leads to a kick in the nose and shots fired

Two men arguing over a woman leads to a kick in the nose and shots fired. (Source: Escambia County Jail View/ Photo: Michael Jerome Mixon)

When a Pensacola man attempted to intervene in an argument between a woman and man he got kicked in the nose and later shots were fired, says the report.

According to Pensacola Police Department (PPD), officers were called out to a location near F Street and Gadsden Street on Tuesday evening.

The report states, a caller stated a black male wearing a white t-shirt was on a bike and firing a gun.

When officers arrived on the scene, the report states numerous onlookers were in the street pointing south on F Street towards LaRua Street informing investigators the suspect “ran to that brick house”.

Once officer identified the residence, the report states the officer identified 56-year-old Michael Jerome Mixon as the suspect matching the description given by the witnesses within the report.

According to the report, Mixon stated he was in the area of F Street and Gadsden Street and was involved in an argument with Eddie Williams over a female.

Mixon told officers in the report, Williams “jumped on him” and struck him in the face. Then Mixon stated, he then returned to his residence and did not return to the area of the argument, says the report.

PPD arrest reports states, Mixon later recanted his statement and told officers that the firearm was not his and that after he was struck by Williams, he went to a “buddies house” but did not disclose the location of the residence.

The report states when officers search Mixon residence they did not find a weapon.

When officers questioned Williams, the report states, he said prior to the shooting, he and Mixon were sitting on a bench on the east side of F Street just north of Gadsden Street, Williams stated that Mixon began to curse at an female in the area, calling her profane names.

Williams told PPD, according to the report, he made an attempt to intervene, Mixon stood up and kicked him in the nose.

The report states, Williams immediately placed Mixon in a bear hug and took him to the ground.

Mixon left the area, walking north on F street and moments later, the report says Mixon returned at the southwestern corner of the intersection armed with a gun. The report states Williams was standing in the middle of the street to the north of the intersection when Mixon pointed the firearm at Williams and fired two shots.

The report states, Mixon fled south on F Street and LaRua Street after firing the shots.

According to the report, officers received information moments before the shooting that Mixon entered a residence on LaRua Street asking the homeowner to use the restroom. When officers asked the homeowner if he owned a firearm, the report states, he said yes.

When the resident went to retrieve his firearm for the officer, the report states, he found it missing.

According to the report, when officers spoke to Mixon about the missing firearm, Mixon lead the officers back to his residence in an attempt to locate the weapon. The report states, officers located a .22 calibre revolver partially buried near a tree to the north of a shed, as described by Mixon.

According to the report, the gun recovered by officers was the missing firearm from the residence in which Mixon used the restroom prior to the shooting.

Mixon was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, reckless discharge of a firearm and set a court day of November 11.

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