University of West Florida professor weighs in on Alabama Senate election

WEAR - Divisive Race in Alabama

It's the home stretch for candidates Roy Moore and Doug Jones. University of West Florida professor Adam Cayton said it's hard to tell who will win the race.

‘The polls have been all over the place. They've been very volatile and there tends to be more error in polls in Senate elections than president elections,” said Adam Cayton, University of West Florida.

Cayton said voters are usually less familiar with the Senate candidates.

"They're not celebrities like Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton,” said Cayton.

But this race is high profile and high tension.

Cayton told Channel 3's Lauren Wolfe,” "Roy Moore is quite famous there and has been for a while. A lot of voters are making up their minds last minute."

Cayton said while Alabama is a strong conservative state, a "very" close victory for Doug Jones is possible. He said the recent allegations against Moore, (saying he had past sexual relations with more than one minor), could play a role in the poll.

"I would expect that it would unbalance hurt turnout in support of Moore a little bit and help turnout in favor of Jones,” said Cayton.

But Cayton said it's common for both parties to stand by their candidate despite the controversy, because of what's at stake.

"it's not just Alabama and it's not just this election, but one of the things we find in recent American political history at least is that people's partisan identification really shapes the way they do politics and so people tend to view defeating the other party as paramount in politics as more important than even the quality of the candidate,” said Cayton.

Alabama voters have until 7 p.m. to cast their vote.

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