Unknown street drug blamed for two deaths in Pensacola, puzzling authorities

Unknown street drug blamed for two deaths in Pensacola, puzzling authorities

Investigators are working to identify the deadly ingredients in a lethal batch of drugs moving through the Pensacola community.

Mike Wood, Pensacola Police Public Information Officer, said officers found a woman dead inside a car near P and Gadsden Street in Pensacola on Monday.

Officers also found a man dead inside a car a couple of blocks away outside of The Dollar Store on West Cervantes on Saturday.

While the names of the two people are not being released, police said there was evidence inside both vehicles of IV drug use.

"When you turn to the street, you don't know what you're buying, you have no idea," said Wood.

Authorities don't know exactly what the drug is that killed the two people, but they said it is a version with unknown dangerous and deadly ingredients.

"It's very few people who don't know somebody personally who has been involved," said Dr. Irvin Williams with Lakeview Health.

With two overdoses already in Pensacola this year, police fear the trend will continue if the community isn't aware of the problem.

"People talk to us, people call us, people are concerned about this. If anybody knows who is dealing these drugs, where these people may have gotten these drugs and what may be in these drugs please give us a call," mentioned Wood.

Dr. Williams said although it is still unclear of the drugs used in the recent deaths, he is concerned the number of drug overdoses will increase.

"I was speaking with our outreach worker just yesterday and she was saying that she is aware fentanyl is in the community for people who are using street drugs and so we know what is happening across the country has filtered into this area as well," added Williams.

In the meantime, Williams encourages those who may be struggling with drug addiction or those with loved ones struggling to reach out to local programs for drug treatment.

"I think the first point is recognizing you need help and that help is available," explained Williams.

A Santa Rosa County Sheriff spokesperson said there haven't been any drug-related overdoses in Santa Rosa County this year.

Channel 3 also called the Escambia County Sheriff's Office and Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office but have not heard anything back yet.

Pensacola Police said if you have any information on the recent overdose deaths to contact them at 435-1900.

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