UPDATE: ECSD completes investigation after bus driver dropped child off at gas station

UPDATE: ECSD completes investigation after bus driver drops child off at gas station

An update has been provided on a bus driver who dropped off a 10-year-old girl at a gas station a half-mile away from her home in Escambia County.

The Transportation Director for the Escambia School District said they have completed the investigation. They found the driver violated their standard operating procedure.

The director said they are following the disciplinary action process, but will not comment on what action they might take.

Tammie Cook said her daughters, Nickayla and Addyson, were riding the bus home from Ensley Elementary earlier in February.

They were supposed to be let off at Tanglewood Garden, but only Nickayla was let off the bus.

Cook said Addyson was dropped off at the Happy Jacks Gas Station, which is almost a half-mile walk to the house.

When WEAR spoke with Cook, she wanted to see the bus driver fired.

The transportation director told WEAR the school bus driver is still employed by the district.

The employee is also still driving routes.

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