UPDATE: Family, community helps raise money for local man seriously injured overseas

Photo: Jeff "Swede" Swedenhjelm

A Destin man that was stuck in Bali and paralyzed following a freak accident will receive his much-needed surgery in Malaysia.

Lyric Swedenhjelm said her father, Jeff, has been traveling the world for the last two years. In many photos, you see him wearing his signature Pittsburgh Steelers hat.

His travels took him to Bali for several months.

Lyric told Channel 3 News, "A monkey took a hat off his head. It's a third world country so animals are running around all over the place. So he started chasing it and he got his hat, but he fell. At some point, he fell through the roof. We were told it was 10 meters high where he fell. He was unconscious when villagers found him."

Jeff has lost feeling from his chest down and has developed pneumonia.

His family decided to try to get him into a hospital in Malaysia because it was significantly less expensive than flying him back to the U.S. Thanks to the donations, he's on his way to recovery!

Family has told Channel 3 News that Jeff will undergo surgery on Wednesday.

The family is hosting a bar crawl to raise money for Jeff in Destin on Tuesday.

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