UPDATE: Family of dog found shot to death says he's been missing

Photo: Michael A Sutton

The family of a dog found shot to death west of Holt said the dog had been missing at least a week.

Michael Sutton told Channel 3 News he saw our story and recognized the dog in the picture. He said "Petey" is a two-and-half year-old pit bull and was owned by his mother and father.

Sutton said it is the same dog a Milton man took pictures of and posted on Facebook in hopes of finding who shot him to death. The dog was left on the side of the street near Bob Pitts and Delores Roads.

Sutton said he is going to meet up with Shannon Kersey, the man who posted the picture on Facebook, to retrieve Petey. Sutton said he plans to give the dog a proper burial at his house.

Sutton said he wants to find who killed the dog.

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