UPDATE: Injured Mobile K9 requires tail amputation

Photo: Nero in a Mobile animal hospital after being struck by a car on Thursday, Jan. 11th Source: Mobile Fire-Rescue Department

A Mobile Fire-Rescue Department (MFRD) K9 dog returned home Saturday morning after sustaining facing life-threatening injuries after being struck by a car on Thursday.

In a statement released Saturday afternoon, MFRD reports that K9 Nero returned home Saturday with severe road rash and several lacerations.

According to veterinary staff that worked with Nero, the majority of his internal bleeding is under control despite there being much fluid and blood in his abdomen.

Veterinary staff also told MFRD that Nero's vital organs, including his kidneys, liver, and spleen, are intact, but Nero's tail was dislocated and will require amputation.

MFRD says that Nero has a long road to recovery and surgery will likely take place within a few weeks.

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