WATCH: Argos' confidence is through the roof ahead of National Championship

Photo: UWF Argos depart for NCAA Division II National Championship Source: WEAR Lauren Wolfe via Twitter

The University of West Florida's (UWF) football team is in Kansas City preparing for their next big game.

In a news conference covered by our Steve Nissim, players said their confidence is high that they will win!

Their first day in Kansas City including practice at an area high school.

Channel 3's Lauren Wolfe was live at the Pensacola International Airport as the Argos prepared to board their flight.

It was off the buses for the Argos and to the airport security checkpoint. The athletes all lined up for a lift to the National Championship Game.

Players still cannot believe how successful they are.

Michael Syrakis, one of the athletes said, "It's a dream come true. You think about it when you're a little kid playing Pop Warner and now you're living it in the national championships."

Athletes tell Channel 3's Lauren Wolfe that the excitement never fades.

Chris Sakamoto, another Argos player said, "we trying to win."

That’s not to say they don’t face a challenging matchup in the championship game. Texas A&M-Commerce is led by quarterback Luis Perez, the national player of the year. The Lions won some gut check playoff games on the road too.

The Pensacola community is hoping for a win just as badly.

One Argos fan, Ronald Mccord said, "It means everything to Pensacola. "

The team lined up for their security check and Head Coach Schinnick 'never stopped coaching'. He helped guide folks to their security line, just as he'll guide his team for a spot on top.

In just two years of playing on the field, this Saturday afternoon the team will stick together once more.

"Win or lose. We brothers. We made it here like a lot of people didn't think we'd make it here," said Sakamoto.

UWF has played 25 games in their history, the 26th will be In Children's Mercy Stadium for a national championship, wrap your head around that for a minute.

The UWF football team will face Texas A&M Commerce in the NCAA Division II National Championship game on Saturday, Dec. 16th in Kansas City.

Channel 3 will also provide additional updates on Saturday on Twitter and Facebook to keep you up to speed on the Argos' history-making run for the championship.

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