UWF launches Argie, the 24/7 virtual assistant

UWF launches Argie, the 24/7 virtual assistant

Students at the University of West Florida have a new tool for success!

UWF has launched a virtual assistant named Argie.

Argie gives students 24/7 access to resources, including a guide through the enrollment process, campus services, and financial aid.

UWF officials said it gives the university a quick, easy way to interact with students in their preferred form of communication.

"It's like the text messaging that a student does with their friends. He gets asked lots of different questions and if he doesn't know the answer he'll say 'please hold while I ask my humans for this answer,' and then he'll respond back," explained Executive Director for UWF Undergraduate Admissions Katie Condon. "So it's very clear that it's not a person, it's a robot. But students, we're learning, that Generation Z are very receptive to that and they want that instant response."

UWF officials said the virtual assistant also helps counselors provide more one-on-one meetings with students who need in-person assistance.

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