VIDEO: Family wants answers after teenage son killed himself after being beaten

VIDEO: Family wants answers after teenage son killed himself after being beaten. (WEAR-TV)

A Santa Rosa County family is demanding answers after their teen son was bullied until he killed himself.

This video surfaced of an alleged attack on Joey McGlone.

His mother Dana McGlone gave the video to WEAR-TV this weekend just two days after her son killed himself.

Dana said the video showed her son being beaten and stomped at the Guy Thompson Community Center on September 7th.

"Somebody should have come to the mother and father and told us this is what's going on with their child. So not only did he get bullied. He got bullied and the police knew, he got beat and the police knew, it happened at a school function and mom is never notified," explained Dana McGlone.

Milton Police Chief Tony Tindle confirmed they have seen the video.

Some parents also have a copy of the video.

"We received it on our phones from other parents, other kids saying this what happened, look at at this and this is how we found out", says Tonya Curnutt

Chief Tindle adds they are interviewing several students at Milton High School.

The incident happened off campus.

"My son plays on the football team, so does mine," said Curnutt and Amber Alday.

Some parents say their children are also victims of ongoing bullying at Milton High School.

"We want to get the word out that bullying is not ok. We're all scared,"says Curnutt

We asked the school district for a comment.

While they did not speak on camera, they did tell us the district is not involved.

"A lot of people are very angry, yea we're going to get out that as the community we're going to stand whole and not stand for this,"says Curnutt and Alday.

Chief Tindle said he doesn't know how long the investigation will last and officers are trying to identify people in the video that may be involved.

The family hold a candlelight vigil Monday at 7pm at Carpenter's Park in Milton.

A rally against bullying will be held at Carpenter's Park in Milton Friday at 4pm

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