Virginia College students left with questions about their futures after abrupt closure

    Virginia College students left with questions about their futures after abrupt closure

    Brittany Grant always dreamed of helping others.

    "I remember when I was seven, gluing baby dolls back together, wanting to be in the medical field," Grant remembered.

    She thought enrolling in the Surgical Technology program at Virginia College in Pensacola would make her dream become reality. Now, that's no longer the case.

    "I spent all of my FAFSA and Florida Prepaid, my savings, everything on this program and I don't know if i can put in anymore." said Grant.

    Two days ago, the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools withdrew their accreditation to all campuses owned by Virginia College, LLC.

    ACICS cited several issues including "rapidly deteriorating financial conditions", licensure and certification, student satisfaction and staff turnover.

    Cami Lucas is another student who isn't sure how to handle the abrupt closure.

    "I had goals and I'm backtracking now," Lucas said.

    The 400 students enrolled at the Pensacola Campus found out about the closure on Wednesday from an email from President and CEO Stuart Reed.

    "Right now, I don't know the options. I've tried calling local schools asking if they'll take my credits. They won't really give me a straight answer," said Grant.

    We emailed and called Virginia College in Pensacola to ask about what students can do. They did not respond.

    We also reached out the area colleges. Pensacola State College President Ed Meadows told Channel 3, the lack of accreditation will pose hurdles for students trying to transfer their credits.

    In a statement, he said the Admissions Staff will work one-on-one with Virginia College students to see about transfer options.

    The full statement reads:

    From President Ed Meadows, Pensacola State College
    Pensacola State College is prepared to work with students impacted by the closure of Virginia College.
    Students who contact PSC will be provided individual assistance in order to assess possible transfer options.
    Students impacted by this closure may contact Pensacola State College’s Admissions Office at 850-484-2544 for assistance.

    Grant was just one month away from getting real-life experience in a hospital.

    "You can't go to the hospital without and accredited school backing you."

    She was also just a few months away from making a better life for her and her son.

    Grant says, "I missed his first steps, and first words and all these big moment. I missed out on because i thought this would give me the career that would enable me to take care of him."

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