Voters casting ballots for Escambia County commissioner seats

Voters casting their ballots for Escambia County commissioner seats

Escambia County voters are headed out to cast ballots for District 2 and District 4 county commission seats.

On Tuesday afternoon, people are still lined up to vote over in District 2 for their Republican candidate.

Over $100,000 was spent on Alan McMillan’s campaign and more than $53,000 was spent on Doug Underhill’s campaign.

Channel 3 News asked both candidates what are some issues they hope to solve if they win the seat on the board, both of their responses involved infrastructure.

"One of the most important things that we are going to take care of in the next four years is this area that we're in right now. This is the commercial heart of Warrington and most of the businesses that are out here on New Warrington Road are still on septic tanks. You cannot grow your commercial district when you're still operating on septic tanks,” said Underhill.

"I think some of the biggest issues of all in District Two are infrastructure issues on the one hand and that's things like four lane-ing Sorrento Road and Gulf Beach Highway. Issues like not allowing State Road 292 on the key, Perdido Key Drive to ever be swapped with the state so it becomes a local road. We put the burden of that road back on the tax payers, so when the next storm comes through and destroys it,” McMillan said.

Whoever wins this election will run against Democrat Scott Trotter in November.

There are several candidates running for District 4 county commission. They are Robert Bender, Kendrick Doidge, Bill Fetke, Greg Litton, Terry Strickland, and Boyce White. Whoever wins will run against write-in candidate Leigh Anne Bell.

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