Warrants issued for abuse case involving autistic child

Warrants issued for abuse case involving autistic child

The State Attorney's Office said three warrants have been issued in a child abuse case involving a local boy with autism.

In August, Eddie Perillo spoke with Channel 3 after he said he learned that his son, Noah, was being mistreated by a teacher.

Noah, 6, is autistic and non-verbal. In 2016, Perillo said Noah started to become scared of water bottles and became more violent than before.

The State Attorney's Office has not identified the three suspects at this time. They say the charges range from child abuse to failing to report child abuse.

According to Okaloosa County School District's investigation report, the boy was abused by a Kenwood Elementary School teacher.

Eddie was upset because he said the school district knew about it for a year and never told him.

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