LAWSUIT: Attorney says 1st grader was sexually bullied in bathroom

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    A lawsuit is being filed against the Okaloosa County School Board on behalf of an elementary student who was allegedly"coerced into a school restroom and forced to engage in sexual acts."

    The Watson Firm released a statement yesterday informing the public about the upcoming ligation.

    A news conference was held at 2:30 p.m. on Thursday.

    During the conference, Attorney Marlon White and his colleague Aaron Watson explained what occurred at within an Okaloosa County School classroom.

    The lawsuit alleges the teachers of the victim were negligent in supervising the child and his peers.

    According to White, the incident occurred on a typical school day towards the end of the 2015-2016 school year.

    White says the 1st grader was coerced, made by other students in the classroom to leave his desk to go into a bathroom near the rear of the classroom with two other students one male, and one female.

    The lawsuit alleges the victim was made to perform sexual acts with two students while in the bathroom.

    The Watson Firm says they are not considering any adult-directed the acts to occur; however, there was an adult, teacher in the room who allowed the acts to happen.

    White continued by stating the children were able to go into the restroom long enough for the [sexual] events to take place.

    The attorney said his victim was made to remove his pants, exposing his penis to the other children, and made to fondle the penis of the other children within the restroom.


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