Web Exclusive: Full, raw interview with Henry Winkler

Channel 3 had the opportunity to meet Henry Winkler, best known for his role as "The Fonz" on Happy Days, and learn about his proudest moments and favorite accomplishments.

“I love the Fonz” “The Fonz introduced me to the world. “

Winkler expressed nothing but gratitude to the character that made him a worldwide sensation.

Outside of his children and grandchildren and the beautiful trout caught in Montana, Winkler said his proudest accomplishment were the 34 novels he and his writing partner have published.

“I never thought that I could write a book.”

Winkler said the book is based on his learning challenges and hopes it inspires others to see themselves beyond the way school and grades define them.

“If you have a learning challenge, if school is difficult, you are not defined by school," said Winkler, “You are powerful.”

Winkler said what makes people great is their willingness to do the best they can.

“As long as you are a good human being on the Earth and you try as hard as you can, that is all that is important.”

What Winkler loves most about Pensacon is getting to meet his fans.

“The great thing is I get to meet the people," explained Winkler, “I am filled with gratitude.”

Winkler said what makes Pensacon so special is the warmth of the community.

“The human warmth I’ve felt so far since I’ve arrived is a gift.”

He signed off his time with Channel 3 with a sincere message to his fans, “have a wonderful life.”

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