What is 'microblading?' Local artist hopes to educate on beauty trend

What is 'microblading?' Local artist hopes to educate on beauty trend

The newest beauty trend for eyebrows could become an eyesore.

Microblading is a technique that uses little blades to draw out eyebrows.

Trinkette Parker has been practicing permanent make-up for more than 20 years. Her clients travel from all across the country to achieve long-lasting looks.

She calls microblading a risky procedure.

"It's a hand tool so there's no perception of the depth. You can go in too deep, and cause blurring which the pigment goes under the skin and blurs out," Parker said.

Parker's technique is different.

"The whole idea is to make the hair look like natural hair, so we do tiny, tiny needles," she said. "My machine is a microchip, so it goes into the skin 150 times per second, so it's like a ballpoint pen that's drawing the hairs on the surface, versus I don't know how heavy my hand is with the microblading," said Parker.

Parker said she is not against the practice, she just hopes people are educated beforehand, including artists holding the small blades.

"You can't learn microblading in two days. That's the sad thing is there are classes that are two days. You can even take an online class, but that's not teaching you the sterilization and it's very important," said Parker.

Parker said if proper sterilization isn't learned, cross-contamination can lead to serious diseases.

Microblading is outlawed in other states, but not here in the state of Florida.

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