Woman arrested after partner attempts suicide by walking into knife she held

Woman arrested after partner attempts suicide by walking into knife she held. (PBSO)

A woman is charged with battery after her boyfriend attempted suicide by walking into a knife she was holding, police say.

According to the West Palm Beach Police Department, responding officers arrived to the scene of a suicide attempt, and found blood through out the house, and obvious signs of a violent struggle on Thursday.

West Palm Beach Fire Rescue was on scene as well, and tending to a man on the floor suffering from a stab wound to his stomach.

WPBFR transported the man to the hospital as a trauma patient.

According to WPBPD, Carly Gongalez Del Valle identified herself as the man's girlfriend for the last six months. She told officers that she was holding a knife and her boyfriend accidentally ran into it.

Del Valle told officers she was involved in a heated argument with her boyfriend earlier in the day, and walked into the kitchen, and grabbed a knife to begin cooking.

Officers say Del Valle told them she turned around at the exact moment her boyfriend was walking into the kitchen, and accidentally stabbed him. Officers on scene found no pots or pans out indicating she planned on cooking.

Officers spoke with Del Valle's boyfriend at the hospital, and he said he intentionally stabbed himself and Del Valle had nothing to do with it.

Del Valle has an extensive history with dometic violence, according to WPBPD.

Del Valle is charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

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